Sayona Popcorn Maker


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Sayona Popcorn Maker 

The Sayona Popcorn Maker enjoy healthy, delicious popcorn without added calories, as you won't need to pop your popcorn in oil or to add salt. This versatile hot air corn popper makes up to 100g of fresh popcorn, hot popcorn in less than 2,5 minutes. The handy butter melter doubles as a measuring cup, while the chute directs popcorn right into your bowl. It's perfect for game night, movie time with the family or making snacks at a party.


- Sayona Popcorn Maker makes up to 100g of popcorn in less than 2,5 minutes

- Sayona Popcorn Maker makes regular and gourmet popcorn

- Chute directs popcorn into bowl

- Great for movie night, movie time or party snacks

- Very easy to clean



-50/60 Hz

-Power : 1100 W

-Prepare popcorn without oil and salt

-On/Off Switch



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