Scholl Professional Manicure & Pedicure Kit DRSP3855UK


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Scholl Professional Manicure & Pedicure Kit DRSP3855UK

♦ The Scholl institute manicure and pedicure Centre has counter directional rotation which allows you to manicure/ pedicure nails from the external edge to the Centre on both hands and feet.


♦ Variable Speed: 3,000 - 18,000 rpm, For a Professional Result and Complete Precision

♦ Clockwise and Anti-Clockwise Rotation

♦ Removes Hard Skin From Feet and Hands

♦ 5 years guarantee

♦ 12 resilient and professional attachments are included: 7 for hands and 5 for feet

For Hands:

1-    Small Fine Shaping Disc. Gently files & smoothes nails to desired shape.

2-    Cylindrical Filer. Files & treats the surface of nails that may be thick as a result of neglect or infection. Regular filing is recommended.

3-    Rounded Filer. For precise nail filing.

4-    Large Pointed Stone. For shaping nail corners.

5-    Thin Pointed Stone. Helps prevent the risk of in-growing nails & shapes nail corners.

6-    Small Thin Pointed Stone. For removing thick cuticles, dead skin around the nail & for shaping nail corners.

7-    Small Polishing Stone. Smoothes & buffs fingernails for a glossy finish.

For Feet:

1-    Rough Skin Remover. To eliminate rough skin and reduce corns generally localized on toes.

2-    Rough Grain Cone. Treats thick calluses (areas of skin which have become thick and hard in response to friction).

3-    Fine Grain Cone. To remove dead skin and treat in-growing nails.

4-    Large Coarse Shaping Disc. Shapes and files thick, coarse toenails.

5-    Large Polishing Cone. Smoothes & buffs for a glossy finish to toenails.

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