Scholl U Pop Vibrating Neck Massager DRMA7597GUK


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Scholl U Pop Vibrating Neck Massager DRMA7597GUK

♦ Massage has become a necessary ingredient of everyday life. Anyone who regularly stretches their physical limits through running, hiking, swimming, dancing, strength training or even just walking will benefit from a massage. Others who are engaged in tough activities during the day that are not commonly classed as exercise will also benefit from massage due to the extent of their activity level, The Scholl U-Pop Cushion relaxes a tense neck wherever you need it thanks to the included USB Cable. Pamper yourself with a soothing neck massager that can be truly portable. This Scholl U Pop Neck Massager comes in a vibrant green though it is also available in blue, Use it at home or on the move with the option of mains or USB power. For example, you could plug the USB connection into your laptop while you work or travel.


♦ Massage with powerful vibrations
♦ Soothing heat for muscle relaxation
♦ Strap for adjusted neck massage
♦ USB plug for usage on the move
♦ One button operation


♦ Brand: Scholl 

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