Severin Germany Cloth Shaver

Remove unsightly fuzz balls and pilling from clothing and give your fabrics a new look with the battery operated Severin (CS-7976) fabric shaver. (The CS-7976) safely trims only the top fuzz and suctions it neatly into a detachable bin thereby eliminating lint, pills, threads, and fluff from all types of fabrics without damaging it. The metal shield of the Severin (CS-7976) fabric shaver protects your fabrics while the rotary blades gently remove pills, dust and loose threads to give your clothes a clean look.



- Brand: Severin

- Model: CS7976

-Features Handy fluff razor

-Suitable for easy removing of fluffs or knobs

-Spacer for coarser woollen surfaces

-Metal fluff grid

-Detachable transparent fluff bin

-On-off switch



-Dimensions: 8.2 x 6.5 x 15 cm

-Weight: 209 g

-Made in China


Warranty: 1 year

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