Silka Whitening Pearl Papaya Cream 8 g


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Silka Whitening Pearl Papaya Cream 8 g

Silka Papaya Skin Whitening Facial cream is effectively formulated to your skin making it look fresher and cleaner. It is formulated with papaya extract and vitamin B3 to help naturally lighten your skin tine leaving it blemish free. Its Ph balance formula hepls restore skin natural ph balance level. Continue used skin will be visibly fresher and younger lookingl.  

SILKA Papaya Whitening Pearl Cream gently hide dark spots and blemishes by providing an even pearly white matt finish.  

Contains papaya enzyme and vitamin B3 ti help erase unwanted blemishes and whiten your skin from within.  
Enriched with Vitamin E to help maintain the proper moisture levels on your skin and helps it protected from pollution  


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