Skwooshi Ice Cream Set

♦ Skwooshi is the exciting new compound that children can play with, stretch mould into endless different shapes! This set Burger, French Fries & Ice Cream set provides children with the moulds necessary to create their very own dinner collection. Skwooshi never dries out or leaves any residue so the creative fun is endless!


♦ Sparks childrens creative side

♦ Children can create anything with Skwooshi

♦ Hours of fun and creativity

♦ Challenges childrens imagination

♦ Comes with eight pots of Skwooshi

♦ Recommended for 3 and up, not under 3 years.


♦ Brand: Skwooshi

♦ Toy Category: Arts & Crafts

♦ Color: Multi Color

♦ Targeted Group: Unisex

♦Game Type: Creative

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