Soccer Ball 3D Deco Light

♦ Decorate the room with great fun with a Soccer Ball! The 3D lamp gives the impression that the ball crossed the wall, ensuring a radical look to the environment. Moreover, it is easy to install and has soft light, which helps small to fall asleep more quickly.


♦ Soccer Ball light mounts to a wall on the top of crack sticker (included), making it appear like the ball has smashed through the wall

♦ Provides a comforting light for infants and children to fall a sleep

♦ Provides enough light for parents to view the infants without turning on additional lighting

♦ Children can move about the room and take themselves in and out of their beds without turning on the additional light

♦ Place directly above the bed or anywhere in the room

♦ Simple installation, easy on/off switch

♦ Safe: cordless, battery operated

♦ Efficient: Uses Led Bulbs

♦ Cool: Never gets hot to touch

♦ Green: Never changes the bulbs

♦ Fun: 3D crack sticker included


In The Box:

♦ 1 Soccer Ball

♦ 1 crack sticker

♦ 2 wall plugs

♦ 2 screws

♦ Instructions


Made In China

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