Spanish Saffron 1 g (2pcs)

♦ Qualified by experts as the best saffron in the world,recognized around the world as a sign of quality and reliability. Saffron is produced under the strictest rules of quality and control. Quality certificate have been granted (ISO).

Uses & Properties: 

♦ Saffron is the most important herbaceous flavourings, used as colouring and seasoning in most of arabic receips.
♦ Used because of its medicinal properties as well as its colouring power and nice aroma.
♦ Used as an excelent perfume and for composition of medicinal prescriptions. 
♦ Helps digestion
♦ Fight against cough and bronchitis, 
♦ Helps menstruation, fortifies heart and eliminates liver obstructions.
* Other uses conferred on the saffron are as follows:
♦ Confectionery and distillery.
♦ Perfumery.
♦ Textile industry as colouring agent.

Made In Spain



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