Suavipiel Aloes Sense Sponge


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Suavipiel Aloes Sense Sponge


Suavipiel Aloes Sense Sponge

♦ Peeling action, very soft and nice. It provides you with a delicious massage which, together with the extraordinary therapeutic effect of aloe, leaves your skin smooth and very relaxed. Completely re-established. Therefore, you can use it every day with no fear of damaging your skin. Indicated for all types of skins.


♦ Its extra porosity creates abundant foam. 
♦ It provides a smooth and nice massage on all your body, which will leave your skin clean, smooth and free from the first layers of dead cells. 
♦ It is the ideal complement to look after your skin daily.
♦ Indicated for all types of skins.


♦ Brand: Suavipiel
♦ All skin types
♦ Daily use
♦ Hypoallergenic

Made In EU 

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