Sumo 4.2L Rice Cooker 

♦ Sumo is the powerhouse for your home.
♦ Making appliances that work harder for you, keeping your world cleaner, brighter, and warmer.


  •  25 cups/4.2 Liter capacity.
  •  Power indicator light.
  • Delicious rice at the touch of a switch.
  • Thermal fuse to protect unit from burnout.
  • Special teflon coated inner pot to prevent boiled rice from stinking and scorching.
  • Removable bowl for easier cleaning. The base of the cooking bowl is also designed to spread heat evenly for best results.
  • Once cooked, the KEEP WARM function will automatically switch on to keep your rice warm until you are ready to serve .


  • 4.2 ltr Capacity
  • 1600 W 
  • 240V - 50 Hz

Made in china 

1 Year Warranty

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