Sumo Banana and Fruit Dessert Maker


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Sumo Banana and Fruit Dessert Maker 

 Easy, Delicious, Made from 100% Frozen Fruit, comes with small recipes book

- Make your own home delicious dessert without sugar, preservatives or artificial flavors, amazing for your diet program and healthy for your kids. simply freeze the fruits and then run it thru the machine and watch it turn instantly to Yogurt, no waiting time

- Insert frozen fruit and other fruits into the chute.. Like magic, Sumo turns 100% frozen fruit into a delicious healthy dessert.. Sumo  tastes just like velvety ice cream! Add toppings, and the flavor combinations are endless

Features & Specifications

- Fast freezing

- Easy to make

- Peel over-ripe fruits and freeze for 24 hours along with your favorites fruits

- Insert frozen banana in the chute and push the banana down using the plunge

- Repeat with frozen fruits, nuts, chocolate or other ingredients.

- Dishwasher safe components

Warranty: One year

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