Swiss Arabian Kashkha For Unisex Gift Set


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Swiss Arabian


Swiss Arabian Kashkha For Unisex Gift Set

♦ Kashkha is a representation of the modern Arabian metropolitan lifestyle and elegance. The extravagant spirit of the Orient pervades through the wearer’s subconscious, rousing and elevating. The Kashkha Gift Set collection encapsulates the true spirit of Arabia as an incarnation of its rich and exquisite grandeur.

♦ The Kashkha Gift Set is ideal as a gift for someone special or to pamper oneself with a selection of high-quality Arabian fragrance products. The collection contains the Kashkha EDP spray, concentrated perfume oil, Bakhoor, Muattar, Deodorant and Body Lotion. The gift set comes packed in a plush gold satin coffret jewel case, portraying the signature theme of stylish femininity.



Eau de Parfum: 50 ml.
Concentrated Perfume Oil: 20 ml
Bakhoor: 6 tabs
Muattar: 24 gm.
Body Lotion: 50 ml.
Eau de Toilette: 100 ml.
Deodorant: 150 ml.

Made In UAE 

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