Tacco Diabetic Care Insole ( Size 36 - 46 )

♦ Diabetes can viciously attack nerves and blood flow in the feet. The result is a foot unable to battle the onslaught of the disease. Small wounds and sores can grow into infections, which due to the reduced blood flow can lead to amputation, Statistical fact is that 70% of all foot amputations are due to diabetes.

♦ Prevent yourself: For diabetics, it is very important to take good care of the feet. The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) recommends to all diabetics that particular attention should be given to the feet.

♦ Regular movement is the most important strategy in fighting diabetes. The blood flow is improved and long-term damage can be battled with every step.


The Diabeto PED provides 3 important functions to support the body:

1- Diabeto PED works like a pump for the blood circulation of the foot. The transfer of expended, oxygen poor (venous) blood is expedited. As a result, oxygen rich (arterial) blood can flow quickly to replenish the foot with rich oxygenated blood.This beneficial process repeats with every step.

2- Pressure reduction: The special form and surface of the Diabeto PED helps to equally disperse the pressure on the foot, and much more than without a sole, or even the barefoot. Shock absorbing paddings in the heel reduces hard impact and improves comfort while walking and also helps support the knee, hips, and spine.

3- Preventative Steps against infection: The surface of the Diabeto PED is antibacterial. This provides additional safety for the diabetic foot, which is particularly susceptible to Infection.


♦ Brand: Tacco

♦ Size: (36 - 46 )

Made In Germany

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