Abraaj Drinking Water 330 ml (10 x 20)


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Abraaj Drinking Water 330 ml (10 x 20)

- Abraaj bottle is an environmentally friendly made of fully degradable high quality plastic. The bottle design uses less plastic, thereby reducing environmental effect, while maintaining bottle quality and strength.

- Abraaj water is produced by purification process of the feed water which produces 100% distilled water (H2O). The water is then recombined with minerals and salts imported from Europe according to recommended minerals.

- The water is then purified with latest technologies & without changing the water composition, packed in a tightly controlled environment and QC checked; this makes Abraaj water a unique product with:

- Balanced Contents
- Rich Essential Minerals
- Low Sodium

This Wholesale Pack includes:

- 10 Cartons

- Bottles/Carton: 20

- Bottle capacity: 330ml 



Nutrition Facts & Mineral Composition (mg/l)

- Fat:0, Carbohydrate:0, Protein:0, pH Level:5.5 – 7 Calcium:25, Potassium:1, Magnesium:5 Chloride:55, Bicarbonate:20, Sulphate:20 Fluoride:0, Carbonates:0, Sodium:5, TDS:120

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