TRESemmé Conditioner Split Remedy 500 ml


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TRESemmé Conditioner Split Remedy 500 ml


TRESemmé Conditioner Split Remedy 500 ml

♦ The tresemmé split remedy™ shampoo and conditioner system gently cleanses and moisturises so that your hair is healthy-looking and manageable, all while reducing split ends up to 80% after just three uses*. this unique system, with our innovative reconstructing complex™, binds split ends—and with continued use, this system fixes damage as it occurs. this haircare for split ends leaves strands looking salon fresh: soft, smooth, and easy to style.

How it works:

♦ The formulation: reducing split ends takes serious science. our starting point was this: your hair’s frayed ends are negatively charged. so we created a reconstructing complex with positively charged polymers inside a gel body…and opposites attract. 

♦ The effect: as your hair dries, split ends contract, and with continued use of our hair care for split ends, you’ll be left with a look that’s smooth, frizz-proof and seemingly just cut.


♦ Brand: TRESemmé

♦ Size: 500 ml 

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