US Angus Chef's Choice Beef Ribeye Steak 340 g


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US Angus Chef's Choice Beef Ribeye Steak 340 g
US Angus


US Angus Choice Beef Ribeye Steak 340 g

♦ Among connoisseurs of quality beef, the Rib-Eye Steak is held in high regard for its ample marbling, which produces a juicy and flavorful dining experience. Quite simply, it's a classic frozen American steak.

Features and Benefits:

♦ The Rib eye Steak is cut from the rib section without the Bone

♦ All beef animals are raised without using any unwanted antibiotics, hormones, or growth promoting drugs. They are fed a diet of grass and hay for most of their lives  and raised in healthy & hygiene atmosphere.

♦ Cut by expert butchers in a well-equipped slaughterhouse

♦ Richly marbled and packed with flavor

♦ Nutritious and healthy

♦ High quality with affordable price


♦ Angus cattle

♦ Beef Cut: Ribeye

♦ Weight: 340 g

♦ Frozen

Made in USA

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