Fresh American Peach (500 g Approx)


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Fresh American Peach (500 g Approx)
Fresh Fruits


USA Peach Tray (500 g Approx)

♦ Peaches are juicy fruits These sweet flavoured are filled with nutrients and proteins that makes it an ideal summer fruit.


♦ The enticing smell, the juicy flesh, even the downy fuzz ,makes you understand what "peachy" really means.
♦ Peaches are a very unique and delicious fruit, peaches have a lot of vitamin in kind of juice.
♦ Nutritious and versatile peaches can be enjoyed fresh, added to fruit salads, or cooked with meat an poultry dishes
♦ Peaches are naturally sweet and can replace some of the added sugars in your diet.
♦ Peaches, with their soft skin and sweet flesh, are a summertime staple.


♦ Weight: 500 g

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