Valentino UOMO For Him EDT 100 ml


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Valentino UOMO For Him EDT 100 ml

♦ Drawing its inspiration from the relaxed grandeur of modern aristocracy, the aromatic leathery fragrance is crafted with the finest materials, dedicated to those who strive for eternal elegance.


♦ Uomo was created with a specific scene in mind: the terrace of a Roman palazzo following the gathering of la famiglia. 
♦ A breeze diffuses the uplifting aroma of the palazzo’s garden across the terrace, mingling with the scents of the feast that the family enjoyed, and the distinguished scent of leather warming under the Mediterreanean sun.
♦ This scent is inspired by a specific scene at the end of an aristocratic family lunch, on a huge table set on the terrace of a Roman Palazzo. 


♦ Top notes: Bergamot, Myrtle Liquor
♦ Heart notes: Crema Di Gianduia, White Leather
♦ Base notes: Coffee, Cedar Wood


♦ Brand: Valentino
♦ Fragrance: UOMO
♦ Size: 100 ml 

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