Almarai Orange With Pulp Juice 6 x 300 ml

♦ No breakfast table is complete without Almarai Orange Juice with Pulp, a classic with an ideal combination of taste and nutrition. Plump, succulent pieces of pulp make it taste homemade! Our secret is simple: only the best oranges − in abundance!


♦ A glass of Juice a day keeps you refreshed with a delicious taste.
♦ Helps you maintain a healthy immune system
♦ Almarai uses the best fruit to give you the great tasting juice
♦ Available flavor: Apple, Mixed Fruit, Strawberry, Orange, Orange & Carrot, Mango Juice With Pulp, Mango, Guava with pulp


♦ Brand: Almarai
♦ Size: 300 Ml
♦ Flavor: Orange

Made in KSA

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