Veet Hair Remover Cold Wax Strips Dry Skin 20s


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Veet Hair Remover Cold Wax Strips Dry Skin 20s

♦ Face the world with confidence with veet wax strips for your face, giving you touchable smoothness as part of your beauty routine, idea for small and delicate areas like your  upper lip, cheeks and chin, and they are easy to use, and you will get fewer, finer and softer hairs growing back.


♦ Made with a specially developed grip tab to help you get an ideal waxing technique for good results in one easy move

♦ Long lasting results: your skin stays touchably smooth for up to four weeks

♦ Grabs hair as short as 1. 5 mm, so you don't have to wait as long for your hair to grow back before waxing again

♦ Easy to use and does not need any preparation

♦ Aloe vera and lotus flower fragrance


♦ Brand: Veet

Inbox content:

♦ 20 wax strips

♦ 4 wipes for smoothing your skin

Made In France

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