Vileda 2in1 Outdoor Broom With Stick


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Vileda 2in1 Outdoor Broom With Stick 

♦  Modern and practical design, making sweeping tasks easy. Extra strong broom head for efficient outdoor sweeping.


♦ The 2in1 outdoor broom is ideal for exterior sweeping, such as gardens, balconies and terraces. 
♦ Combines the action of 2 different types of fiabers:
* Dense, softer bristles (yellow) for sand, leaves and dust 
* More rigid bristles (red) for bigger particles such as small rocks.
♦ It is based on a modern & unique arch design and the bristles are made of recycled PET, part of Vileda’s contribution to take care of the environment.
♦ 130 cm metal handle 


♦ Brand: Vileda
♦ Item.Ref: 105140/071209
♦ Handle length: 130 cm 

Made In Italy 

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