Walls Magnum Mini Double((Classic Almond White) Ice Cream 6x60 ml


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Walls Magnum Mini Double(Classic Almond White) Ice Cream 6x60 ml

♦ Whatever the occasion, Magnum ice creams are the perfect way to celebrate everyday. Ideal for birthday parties, those who like a little variety, or anytime you need a treat on the go.


♦ Rich, luxuriously thick chocolate coats the Classic Almond White ice cream within
♦ Perfection for pleasure-seekers.
♦ Deliciously smooth and silky ice cream
♦ It’s so incredibly thick it cracks when you bite it.
♦ Available flavours: Double Chocolate Ice Cream, Classic Ice Cream, Almond Ice Cream & White Ice Cream
♦ Has 260 kcal, contains protein and is a good source of fiber


♦ Brand: Magnum
♦ Size: 6x60 ml

♦ Flavour:  Classic Almond White

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