White Onion Bag (U.SA) 2 kg


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White Onion Bag (U.SA) 2 kg


White Onion Bag (U.SA) 2 kg

♦ White onions contain compounds called flavonoids, which are known for anti-oxidant activity. One of the most powerful flavonoids in an onion is called quercetin that can stop the growth of cells of various cancers, such as lung cancer and stomach cancer. This is a great reason to put a slice of white onion on a sandwich or burger.


♦ It is mainly used as a traditional medicine for common cold
♦ It stimulates the respiratory tract and helps in expelling sputum (phlegm)
♦ It contains essential oils that stimulates the sweat glands and promote sweating
♦ It normalizes blood pressure and, increases appetite and helps prevent diarrhea
♦ It is rich in sulfur, an essential element that kills or inhibits fungus infections
♦ It inhibits cancer cell growth especially colon cancer


♦ Weight: 2 kg

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