Wind Organic Sweet Corn 400 Gms


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Wind Organic Sweet Corn 400 Gms


Wind Organic Sweet Corn 400 Gms

♦ Sun-gold, Organic, sweet, crunchy perfection, with crisp, milky kernels that burst when bitten. Grill it, steam it, eat it on the cob: Nothing beats sweet corn.


♦ Corn is a whole grain food, high in fiber, low in fat, a source of essential nutrients
♦ Kernels can be used in soups, or braised with other vegetables such as peas, red peppers and mushrooms
♦  It is loved by adults and children alike because of its sweet flavor.
♦ Corn can benefit your health, as it delivers B vitamins, folate, vitamin C, beta-carone, protein and fiber


♦ Brand: Wind
♦ Weight: 400 g

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