X-Mini Max Capsule Speaker - Green

The MAX has a patented extendable vacuum that mimics the resonance of a sub-woofer (Bass Xpansion System) capable of producing explosive volume and bass over ten times its physical size.With the modular Buddy-Jack design you can connect a row of MAXs for jaw dropping audio, capable of forming an almost endless daisy chain of self-powered, bass-enhanced portable speaker system.

To eliminate cumbersome audio cables dangling from the speaker, XMI has designed a connecting audio cable that can be tucked neatly into the base for a cleaner and sleeker look; whilst the high capacity rechargeable battery capable offers sustained output for up to 18 hours. The MAX is revolutionary in the world of portable audio technology, striking the perfect balance of pocketsize portability and uncompromising sound quality.


-          Special ceramic drivers pumping out crystal clear audio

-          Battery life up to 18 hours for non-stop portable fun

-          Compatible with Smartphones, tablets, multi-media devices and more

-          Bass Xpansion System (BXS) mimics the effects of a sub-woofer for deeper fuller bass in a tiny capsule

-          Buddy-Jack function to join multiple XMI Capsule Speakers creating your own speaker system

-          Dimensions: 54mm x 82mm (Closed Resonator)

-          Net Weight: 160g

-          Speaker     Magnetically Shielded 36mm (3.6Ω)

-          Loudspeaker Output 2W x 2

-          Frequency Response 60Hz - 20kHz

-          Signal-to-Noise: >= 91 Db

-          Distortion  <= 1.0 %

-          Playback Time: From 8 to 18 hours

-          Battery Capacity: 400mAh

-          Battery Charging Voltage:5V

-          Battery Charge Time :  Minimum of 2.5 hours

Warranty: 1 year


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