Zendium Toothpaste Complete Protection 75 ml

- Especially formulated to provide a complete protection, not just for your teeth, but for your whole mouth.

- Protects the mouth naturally, with the same natural enzymes and proteins already present in the mouth.

- Gives healthier gums, strong teeth, less plaque, and up to 12h hours fresher breath naturally, fighting against gum problems, sensitivity, cavities, and bad breath.

- Boosts good bacteria that protect the mouth naturally, and reduces bad bacteria responsible for dental problems.

- Triclosan-free, Parabens-free, SLS-free, Gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians.

- Mild taste and foams gently without use of harsh chemicals, suitable for the most delicate mouths. Does not alter taste.

- Refers to the gum health and gum problems associated bacterial species in dental plaque which changed significantly over a 14-week clinical study with 102 subjects

- Brand: Zendium

- Size: 75 ml

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