Master Granite Cookware 8 Pieces Set

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Master Granite Cookware 8 Pieces Set
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Master Granite Cookware 8 Pieces Set

- High Quality Non-stick Coating

- Discover the exceptional results from professional performance with this Cookware Set.

- Made with a durable nonstick surface which enables you to use less oils when cooking to get healthier and lighter dishes

- Coating with excellent adhesion on inner and outer surfaces

- Extra resistance and rigging against scratching

- It provides high cooking performance even with low heat with high heat conductivity

- Using less oil than other types of pots makes more delicious and healthy dishes

- Contains: 18 + 20 + 24 + 28 cm Pot with Lid  / 2 Silicon pieces

- Brand: Master

- Colors Available: Green, Blue and Black 

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