Sumo Electric Insect Killer

رمز المنتج: ASIT085

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ضمان 1 Year


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Sumo Electric Insect Killer 

Get RID of FLIES, BUGS and MOSQUITOES with ease! Have peace of mind from annoying FLYING PESTS. Plug into any mains socket and the BRIGHT UV light will attract insects to - DEAD! 


Features & Specifications:

-No Poisonous Vapor, Irritating Odor or Contamination

-Easy to Install & Clean

-Low Power Consumption

-Hook for hanging include

-Compact size, ultra slim body

-Made of electrophoretic aluminum alloy

-Made of strong and durable ABS material

-Can be fixed into the insect killer unit

-Quality UVA lamp made by FSL

-Wall mounted, ceiling suspended & free standing



-Insect killer

-Hanging Hook

-User Manual


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