Wonder Steam Inhaler and Vaporizer

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Wonder Steam Inhaler and Vaporizer
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Wonder Steam Inhaler and Vaporizer

The Wonder and Inhaler vaporizer WV100 in an extremely compact and lightweight device. This vaporizer comes with a sturdy yet extremely light plastic body with a transparent exterior to make seeing the water level easy. The vaporizer has the perfect sized outlet for steam which is not too small or large and thus derives its versatility as it can be used for various purposes from steaming the face to inhaling steam to clear a blocked nose. The wonder vaporizer is ideal for homes, spa’s and beauty parlors.


Features & Specifications: 

-         Inhaler & Vaporizer

-         Water resistant Body

-         Instant Heating

-         Wider Vaporizing Area

-         Toughened Plastic Body

-         Transparent Exterior

-         Shock Proof Body

-         Ideal for people with Sinus problems

-         Color: Red

-         Model Color: WV100

-         Power: 220-240V 50/60Hz

-         Made in India

-         1 Year Warranty

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