Stress Relief Coloring Book (Animals and Birds Patterns) (Vol 1)


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Stress Relief


Stress Relief Coloring Book (Animals and Birds Patterns) (Vol 1)


Stress Relieving Coloring Projects

Coloring from Blissful Escape in the form of individual pages

The publication is comprised of 6 different volumes to choose from, each containing 40 pages with unique illustrations, a couple of blank pages to test your colors, and a few inked samples. Choose between colring either the white side of the page or the natural brown Kraft back side.

Pages are 25 x 25 CM which makes them ideal for framing and wall hanging.

Inside this package you will find illustrations just waiting for you to evoke with colors.

Bring out your imagination, arouse your senses and creativity, and as you become engaged in the pleasurable, soothing activity of Coloring, it calms you and instantaneously starts reducing your stress level.

Go ahead, pick up your first coloring tool and start your journey towards a blissful escape from the everyday stress of life.

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