Al Ain Bambini Water 6 x 1.5 L


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Al Ain Bambini Water 6 x 1.5 L
Al Ain
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Al Ain Bambini Water 6 x 1.5 L

♦ Al Ain Water Plus is a water designed for today's active children. It is fortified with a higher allowance of absorbable Calcium to help children with their growth needs while ensuring their proper hydration. Babies are more sensitive than adults. They require vigilant care and optimal nutrition, not just from food but also from their water. Babies deserve the best and purest form of water for their growth.


♦ Store in a cool & dry place

♦ Low In sodium 

♦ Balanced mineral composition revitalizes and nourishes your body

♦ Water hydrates and helps replenish lost nutrients


♦ Brand: Al Ain 

♦ Size: 6 x 1.5 L 

Product Of Kuwait 

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