Al Marai Low Fat Laban 6 x 180 ml

♦ “Almarai” is the key brand of Almarai. It is wide fame. The strength of the Almarai brand is fundamental to the enduring success of the group and the significant growth achieved over many years. Under the Almarai umbrella brand, the company offers a range of food and beverages including fresh and long-life dairy products, fresh yoghurt, desserts, cheese and natural juices.

♦ Meet the original Laban, enjoyed by millions. Almarai Fresh Laban is not only delicious, it’s good for you as well. A wholesome and natural thirst quencher, our Laban includes a special probiotic culture that makes a positive difference to your overall wellbeing while helping to keep your digestive system in top condition.



♦ Delicious

♦ Nutritious
♦ Helps you to keep your digestive system in top condition 


♦ Brand: Al Marai

♦ Size: 6x180 ml

Product of KSA

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