Babyliss Sector Beard Trimmer E827SDE


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Babyliss Sector Beard Trimmer E827SDE


Babyliss Sector Beard Trimmer E827SDE

♦ It's so easy to look well groomed today. Babyliss offers the perfect tools for beard grooming, cutting your own hair at home. Babyliss Sector Beard Trimmer is a powerful tool for styling your beard exactly the way you want, 2 smart trimming attachments lets you customize your style in up to 12 different lengths, to get exactly the lengths you desire without having to carry around a toolbox of attachment. , The dual battery system provides constant power for a perfect stubble or full beard look  It was developed specifically to give you the handling and comfort necessary for a perfect haircut - every time.

Features :


♦Powerful trimming and styling engine for a perfect look


♦Precise trimming in up to 12 different lengths for the result you want


♦EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE COUPE: 3D Sharpening by electrochemistry (EST)


♦Stainless steel Fixed Blade / Blade Mobile CMS


♦EXTREME PRECISION: Adjust cutting height via a wheel / cutting heights 20/1 to 20 mm / 1 mm accuracy


♦WEARING COMFORT: Using wireless / 30 minutes of battery / cutting height locking system


♦ ACCESSORIES: Charger / Cleaning brush / lubricating oil refill


♦12 length settings for trimming beard & head hair


♦Powerful Dual Battery system for an incredible trim


♦Easy-to-use at home

♦Easy-to-use on the go




Brand : Babyliss

Model : E827SDE

Warranty: 1 year

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