Bar-Be-Quick Bamboo Wood Skewers 100 Pieces


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Bar-Be-Quick Bamboo Wood Skewers 100 Pieces

♦ The Bar-Be-Quick Bamboo Skewers 100 PK is your grilling and barbecue partner. With 100 pieces of bamboo skewers in a single pack, it is great for large parties, outdoor gatherings, picnics, and special occasions. Use it the next time you serve kebabs and grilled treats for an event – and meal – that everyone will remember, Inserting and securing different types of veggies and lean cuts of meat on the skewer is easy. The sharpened edge makes it simple to add seafood, fruits, meats and vegetable. Plus it is designed for easy turning while grilling.


♦ Brand: Bar-Be-Quick

♦ Content: 100 Pieces 

Made In UK 

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