Beauty Rose Pink Perfume Set

♦ Give your friends and loved ones soothing and relaxing rose with this gift set. It's the perfect set to go with your favorite outfit, allowing you to smell and look fabulous for your upcoming day on the town with your family and friends. Beauty set features Shower Gel, Lady powder, 2 x Eau de parfum, and comes in a charming box. 


♦ A beautifully rich set, it has good and attractive scent 
♦ It mixes the emotions with the intensity of the feelings for good sweetness of the meeting.
♦ Elegant and very Chic
♦ This gorgeous beauty set is a great gift for anyone, including yourself. 
♦ This set contains: Shower Gel 150 ml, Lady powder 100 g, 2 x Eau de parfum 100 & 20 ml


♦ Brand: Beauty
♦ Item.Ref: OLU 2057
♦ Set includes 4 pcs

Made In China

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