Bebelac AR 400 g (From Birth Onwards)


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Bebelac AR 400 g (From Birth Onwards)

♦ Bebelac AR is for babies who find it difficult to keep their formula down when feeding. This might be because their digestive system is not yet fully developed, and the problem may resolve itself in time.


♦ Bebelac AR is designed to relieve your baby’s symptoms

♦ Bebelac AR contains all the nutrients needed to support your baby’s growth and development. It also contains a natural gum (locust bean gum) which thickens the formula and helps your baby to keep milk down

♦ It may cause a slight change in your baby's stools,which is normal


♦ Brand: Bebelac 

♦ Size: 400 g 

♦ Stage: From Birth Onwards

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