Biocyte Water Detox Draining Food Supplement 112g


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Biocyte Water Detox Draining Food Supplement 112g

♦ Biocyte Water Detox Drain  is a food supplement in form of powder which is composed of delicious fruits and plants, It allows the draining of the organism, Accumulation of toxins in the excretory is caused by food excess, pollution, alcohol, etc. Your organism may then has difficulties to eliminate these toxins, that is why Water Detox Drain will allow eliminate the toxins by urine and thus reduce the water retention.

For Whom:

♦ Ideal for the persons who want a detox and draining product based of natural ingredients

♦ It is possible to use for the persons subject to urinary infections and having water retention also

♦ It is ideal if you want to drink a fruity and sugar free drink

Directions for Use:

♦ Use a measuring spoon to pour 3 spoonful product (4g) into 250 ml of water and shake until fully dissolved, take 4 times a day.


♦ Brand: Biocyte

♦ Net weight: 112g

Made In France

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