Classic Pets Adult Dog Food Lamb Flavour 15 kg

♦ Classic Pets adult dog food, especially formulated complete and balanced dog food including Lamb protein to meet the nutritional requirements of adult dog breeds


♦ Healthy Skin & Shiny Coat: Precisely balanced blend of fatty acids enhances healthy skin and radiant coat.

♦ Natural Defenses: Vitamin E and Selenium provide a natural source of an overall healthy immune system.

♦ Playful and Energetic: Sufficient level of carbohydrate and complete nutrition positively encourage your dogs’ physical and emotional state

♦ Strong Bones and Teeth: Optimal level of calcium and phosphorus for strong bones and teeth

♦ Muscle Maintenance: Proper level of quality protein helps maintain strong muscles. Your dogs can actively enjoy their daily activities


♦ Brand: Classic Pets

Size: 15 kg

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