Dettol Fresh Skin Wipes 10 Pieces 2 + 1 Free


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Dettol Fresh Skin Wipes 10 Pieces 2 + 1 Free

♦ Dettol Antibacterial Skin Wipes provide the ultimate protection from germs for your skin at home and on the go. Being pH neutral, the wipes do not interfere with your skin's natural protection while the emollients moisturize your skin.


♦ Hygienically cleanses and moisturizes

♦ Kills 99.9% of germs including the flu virus

♦ Ideal for instant clean ups of your hands, face and neck

♦ Use it at home, in the car, office or on holiday

♦ Alcohol free

♦ Dermatologically tested

♦ Eliminates odour causing bacteria  

♦ Gentle on skin

♦ Safe to use around children


♦ Brand: Dettol

Made In UAE

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