Dream Whip 144 g

♦ The prepared cream is used to decorate all kinds of desserts such as cakes, jelly, crème caramel, milkshakes, kunafa, basboosa, etc. It is used for both Arabic and Western Desserts.
It is also used as an ingredient inside recipes eg. mixed into a cheese cake; or with Tang to make a delicious ice cream; or as a qashta, or as part of the crust in a tart, or to make a cake lighter and add flavour; etc.


It tastes very sweet, and is described as tasting like : Vanilla ice-cream.

It is very light and has a 'melt-in-the-mouth' feel

You can add cocoa powder / coffee / strawberry or chocolate milkshake mix etc. for variation

Direction of use:

It is blended with ½ cup of cold milk, add ½ teaspoon of vanilla essence; beat with electric mixer until stiff, fluffy white cream forms


Brand: Dream Whip

Size: 144 g

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