Faber Castell Grip Marker Textliner Yellow 10 pieces

♦ The Faber Castell Marker Texliner is suitable for paper, copies or faxes. Perfect for the office or home the Faber Castell Marker is ideal for quick and easy marking of documents, revision work, notes or for emphasis in the meeting room. 


♦ Ideal for all normal and special papers in common use
Universal water-based ink ensures durable, super-fluorescent marking

♦ Textliners ensure excellent marking in the three line widths 1 mm, 2 mm and 5 mm – depending on the angle in which the pen is held
♦ Refillable


♦ Brand: Faber Castell
♦ Item.Ref: 15 43 07
♦ Colours: Yellow
♦ Line Width: 1- 5 mm 
♦ 1 pack ( 10 pcs per pack)

Made In Germany

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