Fiji Natural Mineral Water 36 x 330 ml


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Fiji Natural Mineral Water 36 x 330 ml

 FIJI Water’s journey begins in the clouds. As tropical rain falls, it filters through layers of volcanic rock, slowly gathering the natural minerals and electrolytes that give FIJI Water its soft, smooth taste. Unlike with common spring water, FIJI Water collects in a natural artesian aquifer, deep below the Earth’s surface, shielded from external elements by confining layers of rock. Natural pressure forces the water towards the surface, where it’s bottled at the source, untouched by man until you unscrew the cap, FIJI Water, natural mineral water bottled at the source in Viti Levu (Fiji islands), FIJI Water, known for its iconic square bottle, soft mouth feel and unique mineral profile, is the water of choice among discerning consumers and top chefs.


 Non-carbonated natural mineral water

 Known for its iconic square bottle, soft mouth feels

 Fiji Natural Mineral Water is pure and natural

 Natural minerals give FIJI Water its soft and smooth taste


 Brand: Fiji

 Size: 330 ml

♦ Content: Carton (36 Pieces)

 Source: From Fiji islands

Product of Fiji 

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