Firebrand Barbeque Charcoal 10 kg


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Firebrand® Charcoal
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Firebrand Barbeque Charcoal 10 kg

♦ Firebrand© Barbeque Charcoal is produced by converting the highest quality by-products from the saw mills into a useful energy source.
♦ 100% chemical free and environmentally friendly, Firebrand© Barbeque Charcoal burns cleaner and longer than any charcoal available on the world market.


♦ Preferred by thousands of industry professionals worldwide, Firebrand© is the number one choice for all professional charcoal-based cooking, including the restaurant sector, charcoal chicken, korean BBQs, Spit roast or simply for home Barbeque's and shisha enthusiasts.
♦ Firebrand© Barbeque Charcoal comes is a sturdy and clean carton box which is recyclable and more environmentally friendly than most Barbeque charcoal.
♦ This is an advantage when storing Firebrand© boxes as it is a big space saver and when displaying stock for retail purposes.


♦ 100% Natural - No Chemical Additives or Binders
♦ Environmentally Friendly
♦ Lasts more than 5 Hours
♦ NO Smoke, NO Odour and NO Sparks
♦ Maintains Higher Burning Temperatures
♦ Low Ash Residue - Leaves only 5% of its original mass behind as ash

Made in Indonesia


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