Glade Candle Fresh Berry & Wild Raspberry 96.3  g

♦ Enhance the atmosphere of any room quickly with Glade®Candles. Add warmth and welcome, as the candles burn, infusing the air with your favorite Glade® fragrance.


♦ Bring light, warmth and a beautiful scent into any room with the Glade Candle.
♦ The warm light and relaxing fragrance creates an inviting ambience in your home.
♦ The Glade candle infuses the essential oils of Fresh Berry & Wild Raspberry to fill your room with a unique and soothing fragrance.

♦ This  Glade candle can burn up to 22 hours. 


♦ Brand: Glade
♦ Weight: 96.3 g
♦ Scent: Fresh Berry & Wild Raspberry

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