Robert Chicken Luncheon Meat 200g

♦ Robert Chicken Luncheon Meat 200g, Halal, No Starch No Soya Protein, Slaughtered According To Islamic Rites.

Ingredients :

chicken meat mechanically separated 90%, water, salt, glucose syrup, paprika, pepper, stabilizers,(diphosphate) garlic, antioxidant, (ascorbic acid) preservative (sodium nitrite)cured.


♦ Made from high quality ingredients
♦ Ideal for quick and easy meals or for the barbecue.
♦ Whether served at breakfast, lunch or dinner, this luncheon adds mouthwatering flavor to any dish.
♦ Healthy and it is fully hygienic for consumption.

♦ Brand: Robert

♦ Weight: 200g
♦ Halal Luncheon meat 

Made in Denmark 

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