Himalaya Gentle Baby Bath 400 ml


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Himalaya Gentle Baby Bath 400 ml


Himalaya Gentle Baby Bath 400 ml

♦ The baby bath is enriched with chickpea, green gram and fenugreek. While chickpea is known to cleanse and sooth skin, green gram is known to make the skin soft and supple. On the other hand, fenugreek is considered as a natural moisturizer, which keeps skin hydrated for long. These three together not only cleanse your baby's delicate skin, but also keeps your baby's skin gentle and soft.


♦ No tears
♦ Hypoallergenic
♦ Cleanses and soothes baby's delicate skin.
♦ Contains antioxidants that are helpful in treating skin diseases and in battling dandruff.
♦ Makes baby's skin soft and supple. It removes dirt without causing any irritation.
♦ Excellent moisturizer, especially beneficial in hydrating baby's dry skin.


♦ Brand: Himalaya 

♦ Size: 400 ml 

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