Kenwood Chopper

♦ Kenwood CH185 Silver/Grey mini chopper which boasts of a top-notch quality and excellent design is truly an asset to own. It features sharp, stainless steel blades for lasting chopping performance. It comes with a 350ml bowl with 150g chopping capacity and an oil drip lid for making mayonnaise and other delicate sauces. The intelligently designed push-button switch makes your job easier. The rubber feet underneath provides support and keeps the chopper extremely steady. The super-clean surface finish of this chopper lends an overall stylish appearance, thereby elevating the style quotient of your kitchen decor.

Features and specifications: 

♦ Material: Plastic Body

♦ Weight: 950g

♦ Capacity (ml/Ltr): 350 ml/150 grams

♦ Dimension: 9 X 11.8 X 14.5 cm

♦ 350ml bowl with 150g chopping capacity

♦ 2 speed

♦ Stainless steel blades: Yes

♦ A Delia cheat gadget

♦ Dishwasher safe: Yes

♦ Wattage: 300 Watts

♦ Glass Jug: No

♦ Ice Crushing Blades: No

♦ Dishwasher Safe: Yes

♦ Inclusive Accessories: No

♦ Multiple Attachments Available: No

♦ Capacity: 350 ml

♦ Size: No

♦ Liquidizer: No

♦ Cordless: No

♦ Made in China

♦ 1 Year warranty

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