KFM Choco Biscuits 15 g (18 Pieces)


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Kuwait Flour Mills


KFM Choco Biscuits 15 g (18 Pieces)

♦ KUWAIT FLOUR MILLS & BAKERIES CO. S.A.K. is a premier establishment in food Industry in the State of Kuwait. It is a primary source for most of food industries and food Distributors in Kuwait.


♦ KFM Biscuits are of two main categories the Hard Type that is Marie / Petite Beure / Salty and the Soft Type as Nice / Digestive / Cream Sandwich and Vanilla Sandwich 
♦ KFM Biscuits are well known for their freshness as they arrive directly from the factory and are known to meet international standards


♦ Brand: KFM (Choco)
♦ Net weight: 15 g (18 Pieces)

Made in Kuwait

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