KFM Dalal Corn Oil 2 L


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KFM Dalal Corn Oil 2 L
Kuwait Flour Mills


KFM Dalal Corn Oil 2 L

♦ Corn Oil can help lower your cholesterol while enhancing the natural flavors of your food. Highly versatile oil, corn oil is great for baking and is the best oil for cooking at high temperatures. 


♦ Corn Oil is great for: Baking, Sautéing, Stir-Frying and Deep-Frying
♦ Resistant to smoking, discoloration and unpleasant odors
♦ Provides a good source of Vitamin E
♦ Corn oil is an effective component in lowering blood cholesterol levels


♦ Brand: KFM (Dalal)
♦ Size: 2 L

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