Lamesa Cheese Puffs 10 Pieces

♦ With Lamesa Cheese Puffs, start your kids of with the flavors they will fall in love with at first bite. Your kids now have a hankering for a full flavored snack and they know what they like. Start them off right with Lamesa Cheese Puffs. Inspired by kids’ favorite foods our Cheese Puffs are fun, taste great and are better for your family than many mainstream snacks laden with preservatives and additives

♦ If you like Grilled Cheese sandwiches, you’ll love these baked corn puffs! Made from delicious aged cheddar cheese, then toasted to a perfect crunch.


♦ Certified Gluten Free

♦ Made with non-gmo corn

♦ No Trans Fats, Low in Saturated Fat

♦ No MSG

♦ Vegetarian (contains dairy)

♦ Made in a facility that does not manufacture any products containing peanuts or treenuts


Brand: Lamesa 

Size: 300 g (10 Pieces) 

Made in the Lebanon

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